Your Step-By-Step 12 Month Marketing Guide + Strategy Session

The 12 Month Marketing Strategy Masterclass gives you a step-by-step guide to creating a 12 month marketing strategy for your company with a bonus 3-hour strategy session. Only 10 spots are available for the group mastermind per month!

What This Program Includes

12 Month Marketing Strategy

  • Video Lessons

    You will have 4 steps to complete before the 12 Month Strategy Session. These steps will help you to maximize our 3-hour group mastermind strategy session before you come. These steps will hep you pre-plan your goals, solidify your offers and even create or strengthen your calendar system.

  • 12 Month Marketing Living Workbook

    You will get access to a virtual document that you will always be able to edit and access virtually, no matter where you are! This document can be saved as a PDF for you and your team to execute and exceed your business, company or organizational goals!

  • 3-Hr Mastermind Strategy Session

    Join us for the 3-hr strategy session where you will provide us all the Questions you have about your 12 month marketing strategy, the content you should create, the platforms you should focus on and how to measure your metrics. We will have 1 hour of masterminding with other successful business owners and those who are potentially in your target audience!

Next Strategy Session: Sunday, 2/27/2022 2pm - 5pm

Registration ends on Saturday, 2/26/2022

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What We Cover

  • 01

    Welcome + Overview

  • 02

    Download Workbook

    • Access Your Marketing Workbook

  • 03

    Step 1: Calendar System Set-Up

    • The Importance of Your Calendar System

    • Provide Your Important Events

  • 04

    Step 2: Goal-Setting for the Year

    • Copy of Create Your Goals for the Year

    • BONUS: How to Create SMART Goals

  • 05

    Step 3: Pillars of Business + Clarifying Your Offers

    • 8 Pillars of Business + Clarifying Your Offers

  • 06

    Step 4: 5 Component of Marketing + Choosing Your Marketing Channels

    • The 5 Components of Marketing

    • Copy of Choosing Your Marketing Channels

  • 07

    Step 5: Launch Prep-Work

    • What To Do Before You Launch

  • 08

    12 Month Marketing Strategy Session Link: 1/23/2022

    • Your 12 Month Marketing Strategy: 2/27/2022 2PM - 6PM EDT


Instead of hiring a marketing director for $50k+ to develop your 12 month marketing strategy, we give you all the tools you need for less than $2k.


  • How Long do I have Access to the Step-by Step Guide?

    You will have 90-days of FULL Access to the virtual step-by-step lessons and the strategy session replay. But you will have FOREVER access to your workbook (That's the biggest tool you need to continue repeating your marketing strategy!)

  • How Often Will You Offer this?

    We plan to offer the strategy sessions monthly. This session is on 2/27/2022 and the next tentative date is 3/27/2022.

  • What all will I receive from this 12 Month Marketing Strategy?

    Great question! You will receive access to virtual lessons that will prepare you to write down your homework (such as goals, important dates, etc...) before the strategy plan, you will get a Google Document that you can edit any time of the year and also share with your team, you will get clarity for business goals, understand which marketing channels are best for you, a strategy on how to reach your marketing goals and a 3 hour strategy session with Kiara & Jerred that allows you to ask questions about your business needs and we end it with masterminding with other business owners who could potentially be in your target audience. We only allow up to 10 business owners per session!