Manage Business + Babies while Maximizing Your Time and Wellness

The Mompreneur VIP Day is a 3-hour session that helps mothers create their dream schedule, manage their wellness and run an effective business and brand that works around their full schedule.

What This Session Includes

The Mompreneur VIP Day

  • Step-By-Step Lessons

    You will have 2 steps to complete before your VIP Day. These steps will help you to maximize our 3-hour strategy session before you come. These steps will help you pre-plan your goals, assess your self-care and prepare to create your calendar system.

  • 3-Hr VIP Day Strategy Session

    After completing your pre-VIP Day steps, your 3-hr strategy session where we will create your dream schedule in a digital calendar, create a self-care routine, review your brand/marketing audit provide us all the Questions you have about your 12 month marketing strategy, the content you should create, the platforms you should focus on and how to measure your metrics. We will have 1 hour of masterminding with other successful business owners and those who are potentially in your target audience!

  • Personalized Strategy Plan

    After your VIP Day you will get access to a virtual document that you will always be able to access virtually, no matter where you are! This strategy plan is created from your VIP Day and will include all of your action steps for the next 90 Days for you to execute and exceed your personal, family, business, company and/or organizational goals!

Last VIP Day Available Wednesday, 12/22/2021 1pm - 4pm

Only 3 spots available for 2021

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What We Cover

  • 02

    Step 1: Goals + Self-Care Assessment

    • Complete Self-Care Assessment Here

    • Complete Your Marketing Pre-Coaching Assessment

  • 03

    Step 2: Schedule Preparation

    • Let's Prep for Your Ideal Schedule!

  • 04

    Step 3: Book Your VIP Day

    • Book Your Mompreneur VIP Day

  • 05

    Step 4: Book Your 30-Day Follow-Up Session

    • Book Your 30-Day Follow-Up Session


Our typical VIP Day is $1497.00 but for the rest of 2021 we are offering this special price to you!